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[IP] Exercise

We had a few posts awhile ago when I was asking about bgs going up.   The general consensus is 250 as the level not to exercise with, however, that is dependent upon whether the 250 is with insulin (i.e. bolus) still active, or not.   For some reason it increased from 240 to 250 about five years ago, probably a "round numbers" thing.

 I have not heard from anyone yet with ideas about my challenge - starting exercise with a normal bg and increasing dramatically, up to the ketones levels.  It happened again yesterday.  Is it possible that it is the intensity level?  I burn approximately 400 kcal in 26 minutes.  I was doing the same thing before I got the pump without this much difficulty (sometimes they went up, but a minor amount and no ketones).  Just to forestall a possible discussion, I am in very good shape, I have had stress tests that I passed with flying colors.  Ideas?
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