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Re: [IP] adhesives

I had a similar problem when I used the Tegaderm, though not as dramatic as
your sounds. My skin would turn pink / red, especially when warm (such as
after a shower or during strenuous activity).

Someone suggested I try Hypafix, made by Smith & Nephew, and it was one of
the best changes I made. Very breathable (cloth), sticks well even when wet
numerous times, and removes easily when I want to.

The other suggestion made by someone else already is to try a skin barrier
first. Sorry I don't know much about skin barriers.

MiniMed's site has a good article about tape and infusion sites:

It is at:  <http://www.minimed.com/files/tapetip.htm>

The Lehigh mailing list site has an article about skin care products for


There is also a fairly wide ranging FAQ on "Tips for Pumpers" which
contains a section on tapes at:


If you haven't tried Hypafix, it might be worth a look.


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>I'm using bent needles.  Have tried lots of different tapes.  I have very
>sensitive skin and usually break out under most tapes.  I think this is a
>and bear it situation.  Don't want this to cause me to stop using the pump.
>Feel much better on the pump.
Bob Burnett

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