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[IP] Looking for used pump

Well, Kaiser will get me my insulin and test strips, but I'm still going
to have to pay for everything else.  Oh well, not worth getting furious
over, I'll have new insurance soon enough.  This however is along
another line.  My sister (also diabetic) has been having problems with
her diabetes lately.  It appears that this allergy to the long acting
insulins may be genetic.  Her control is getting less and less
predictable.  She now wants an insulin pump in order to avoid the
complications that I have developed due to 17 years with this disease. 
I'm trying to help her.  She has the same insurance I do, so there is no
hope for insurance coverage at this time.  Does anyone know of a used
insulin pump???  She doesn't have much money, but is willing to pay any
reasonable amount that she could swing.  Maybe your insurance purchased
a replacement for you and you stuck the old one in the garage, or maybe
you know of someone who only wanted a pump for pregnancy.  Just about
anything that still works would be fine.  She's aware that any mini-med
pump that has been in storage will need to have the internal battery
replaced by mini-med.  A diesetronic pump would be great as well. Just
direct any response back to me so as not to clutter the mailing-list.
Thanks in advance.

email @ redacted