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Re: [IP] John Walsh

    Bummer. I'm sorry I thought you were in Laguna or Mission Veijo down
here by the beach.  I'll give you guys an update from the meeting with
John Walsh...oh and I'll have to get back to whoever asked about the
Velosolin /Humalog mix study tomorrow cuz it's too late to call
Disetronic and get the reps number that had the info on it...
   Went to the retinal specialist today...I like him MUCH better than the
last guy...I have proliferative retinopathy...a little exudate, swelling
in the rt. eye...he's gonna do the anesthetic thing behind the eye...but
it doesn't scare me quite as bad with this guy cuz he goes really slow
and is explaining everything...the other guy just wisked me into the
little laser room and started zapping after he told me that he had never
given the anesthesia before and if he did it wrong he would have to use
cryo? on me...way to instill confidence...bud...yikes...this new guy has
all the nasty little possible outcomes written out on the consent form
that you take home, read and decide whether you want to go thru with the
proceedure...somehow this makes me feel better ...with the first guy I
didn't have a clue what was happening and I wasn't educated enough to ask
the right questions...heck I didn't even have a diagnosis they just
called me and said I was sceduled for laser surgery...along with
hypochondriac you can add CHICKEN to the list of adjectives to describe
me...but I figure if the Dr and nurse don't have to sit on me during the
shot, like they did to Buddy, I won't be doin' half bad<grin>...gulp...I
asked for something to help me relax before surgery...he gave me
valium...heh..heh...heh...it's scheduled for the end of the month...gosh
if I ever have to have anything serious they are going to have to sedate
me for weeks before...hee...He also gave me a paper that recommends not
bending over with your head below your waist, lifting heavy objects,
traveling bumpy roads, or riding amusement park rides...I always figured
pulling those G's weren't good for the eyes...must be why I didn't make
it as a fighter pilot or the fear of heights or the
hypochondria...anybody who's interested I have it in writing from my Dr.
not to lift heavy objects...what's it worth to ya?...checks can be sent
to Michelle :-)

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