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[IP] intestineupdate

Hi kids:

I have been kinda quiet lately cuz I am still not feeling too good.  Actually
I felt practically healed on tueday, then i woke up Wednesday with the alien
once again implanted in my stomach.  dammit!!

I called my diabetes doc and he siad come in  - they hemmed and hawed and then
sent me to the gastroenterologist - the doctor kind, not the surgeoun kind I
saw in the hospital.  The first question out of this guys mouth was..."what
kind of insurance do you have."  instead of being meek and patient like I
glared at him and said "is that really your first question for me???"  He said
he was sorry but he was taking blood and wanted to make sure it got sent to
the right lab to avoid any confusion later.  So this is where the state of
medicine has descended to - not, what is wrong, how do you feel, how can i
help you feel better,,,,but WHA KIND OF INSURANCE DO YOU HAVE!  Was I the only
person paying attention to clintons address/  DAMN INSURANCE COMPANIES.

On that note, when i got home last week there was a letter form my insruance
that they had approved a one nite stay - bwah ha ha - are they in for a

Well, this gastro enterologist is actually pretty good -, once we got past the
insurance thing.  He said he did not think i was having a flare up of
diverticulis, and he didn't think i had it last week either - he said it
sounded and felt more like irritable bowel syndrome.  I knew I was moooooody,
but irritable?  So he gave me some tablets to suck, gave me a prescription for
someting to calm my stressed intestines, and said no need to go back to ER.
Good thing cuz I AM going to Chicago on Saturday come hell or highwater or
irritable bowels!

Today, I do not feel any better, but he says not to worry it is gonna take
some time to get my insides all unkinked.

Anyone have any expereince with this?

Since I have been eating almost nothing - I am a little bit concerned about
starvation ketosis.  I have olny been taking about 18-20 units a day and I
have my ketosticks to check for protein, but i just have no appetite?

Sorry I haven't had anything interesting to add to all the new questions going
around, but I feel like SHEEEEET.

Sara (whos eye is actually staying about the same - phew)