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Re: [IP] Need suggestions please

I was surprised to see this post as I sent it over a week ago. It must have
been when the server was acting up. Thank you! to everyone who responded, I
was able to get it worked out with the help of another friend who has used
the non-QR sets......good thing....I would have hated to have to wait this
long for a shower! 8-)
I am wrapping the pump in saran wrap, putting it in a zip lock bag and then
inside a waterproof plastic container that hangs on a rope. It is actually
a container that my husband found at a campground for protecting cigs from
the water..... he bought it for my pump to protect it on the beach, it has
a rubber seal and he drilled part of the hard plastic... just enough to fit
the tubing through. It is hard to stay so close to the pump while I shower,
but I am getting better BGs with the bent needle sets even if they aren't
QRs. I am trying to be patient with my insurance co., who is supposedly
working on getting me some silhouettes, they are running out of time
Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions...I knew this was the place to
come, just my luck there were problems getting the message through.
Take care,
email @ redacted