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[IP] Re: pump up the basal with peanut butter!

> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 15:28:21 -0600
>  From: "buddybarber" <email @ redacted>
> Janet,
>     What's not to like? I will try your first suggestion in the morning. The
> only problem is limiting the peanut butter to two tablespoons. Ha. That is
> like the old saying about Lay's Potato chips. " Nobody can eat just one." I
> will try that in the morning.
>     You second solution, bolus earlier would be possible but not workable. I

You said that you really liked the particular breakfast you eat, so I
didn't think you'd want to change it. Still, adding a bit is different than
a complete change. No, you shouldn't need to be pregnant. When the
pregnancy hormone resistence hormones kicked in about mid-way through, I
had to change my breakfast altogether, from 40 carbs down to 15 :-(. Now,
I'm back on oatmeal.

Anyway, let us know how it goes.