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Re: [IP] pump up the basal?

buddybarber wrote:
> Ted,
>     I'm using straight Velosulin. I do sidedress it with Humalog when I get
> high (I sound like a hippie farmer) and I have real good (luck) results with
> this combination. My basals are:
>     12:00 AM to 1:00 AM  = .7
>     1:00   AM to  6:00 AM = 1.2
>     6:00 AM  to 12:00 AM = .7
>     I thought I would I would change the 1 AM  to 6 AM basal to 1 to 4 =1.2
> then add another 4 AM to 6 AM = 1.8. ??? The only thing about this is that
> most mornings I am fasting at or close to 85 - 100. With this extra juice I
> will probably be in the 50's. 

OK, so why not just make the 1 to 6 AM  1.2 basal keep going till 8:00 or 9:00
I would't raise the night time rates, just raise it WHEN you are high,yes?

I am satisfied with my fasting BG it is just
> the two to three hour after breakfast. If I neglect to take that particular
> BG my numbers look GREAT until I backslide or miscalculate.
>     What you think Dr. Quick?  I used to have a FINE doctor in Beaumont
> named Quick. Any kin? <big grin>

Either kin of mine or Nat's! I used to think all Quick's were related, a purely
American family. Name was taken by a Dutchman when New Amsterdam was taken over
by the English and became New York (City). They told people to add last names
and he decided Quick was gonna be his.

Then I met Nat when I moved to Indianapolis, and he doesn't appear to be
Has a LOT better suntan than I can ever aspire to, and it isn't from exposure
to the sun. Anyway, my ancestors MIGHT (who knows) have owned his ancestors

Anyway, if he's of European ancestry we're almost certainly related.

Ted Quick