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Re: [IP] insurnace co. - bah, humbug

Get a rocket launcher Vicki, that'll get em'.  I'm having trouble with my
insurance right now, and it seems like that is the only thing that works is
brute force. No more Mr. Nice Guy <g>

Vicki McDonald wrote:

> okay, I know I just put a blessing on Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of
> CT for approving my pump so quickly. Now, they are being real a**es
> about my glucometer and I need advice from the collective group.  My CDE
> prescribed a new glucometer (QID Precision) plus 300 test strips in
> anticipation of going on the pump 3/2.  She said my old meter is big,
> bulky and not as accurate as the one she prescribed.  I sent the two
> prescriptions  (meter and test strips) off to the Express Pharmacy in PA
> on 1/9/98.  After what seems like a very long wait, they send me 300
> strips for the QID Precision (at a cost to them of $175. but no meter.
> It seems the meter is considered durable medical equipment (DME) and I
> have to go to a supplier locally to get the meter and that I will have
> to pay 20% of the cost.  Okay, no big deal, except that Express Pharmacy
> has my rx, and that I can't get my old strips now because the insurance
> shows that they sent me 300 test strips on 1/20 (are you following all
> this?). I saw my endo today (Hba1cs went from 8.1 to 6.8! Yeah, me!) and
> he just wrote me a new rx for the QID Precision.  I take it to one of
> the place BC/BS says covers DME, but when I get there they call BC/BS to
> verify coverage.  BC/BS will pay 80% on the "VW" of glocometers (about
> $65), not on the "Cadillac" of glucometers (in other words the QID
> Precision) whihc is about $110.  Now here I have $175 worth of test
> strips (shihc coincidentally, they will let me refill 5x more at a value
> of $1100 in total) but i can't get the friggin' little meter which will
> cost them $88!  (Sorry, I have been arguing about this for 2 weks and my
> blood sugar is low!)  Where do I go now?
> Vicki McDonald
> New Haven, cT