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Re: [IP] Is Humalog worth it?

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Rosalind Mincher wrote:
Thanks Roz, you mentioned something Lily has a problem with also, 
we are currently working on a solution, not sure yet.

> You had written to Jodi I think it was. You reminded me that I should have
> written to you. I am not having much success with tight control, but
> better than without the pump. The reason I am writing is that I have been
> mixin in the 5-1 ration of h and v and have found my pump bumps almost
> nil.
> Before I got horrible rashes and such and had to change sites. I don't
> understand why, but this mix has made the sites last and I have forgotten
> to change until day 5 and still no redness. I do however have a problem
> with insulin sensitivity and believe it or not, the little bit of
> velosulin sometimes makes me drop a few hours later, depending upon the

Lily has had several big lows after dinner with boluses of 10u +. These 
were square wave with 1/2 at the beginning and (now) the balance over 1.5 
hours after the first.  We are exprimenting with shortening this time 
frame to 1 hour or less. This appears to help.  We may try doing 1/2 as 
you eat, and 1/2 at the end of the meal.

Last night was fine but the bolus was only about 7 units total. The 
problem does not seem to occur until the total amount of insulin reaches 
10 units or so.

Interesting aside.  When Lily got the BIG bolus of Humalog this summer 
(the 90 unit one) for the first 3 hours the BG decline was predictable 
and then leveled off. An hour or so later, down it went again.  There is 
something peculiar about Humalog in large amounts.....

> amount bolused. I should be writing numbers down, but alas am too lazy.
> But
> I wanted to thank you for your suggestion and to tell you how much better
> the integrity of my sites has been. Hi to Lily and thank her too! Roz P.S.
> Thank you also for all of the time you give to us in the group. It has
> helped so much.