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[IP] insurnace co. - bah, humbug

okay, I know I just put a blessing on Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of
CT for approving my pump so quickly. Now, they are being real a**es
about my glucometer and I need advice from the collective group.  My CDE
prescribed a new glucometer (QID Precision) plus 300 test strips in
anticipation of going on the pump 3/2.  She said my old meter is big,
bulky and not as accurate as the one she prescribed.  I sent the two
prescriptions  (meter and test strips) off to the Express Pharmacy in PA
on 1/9/98.  After what seems like a very long wait, they send me 300
strips for the QID Precision (at a cost to them of $175. but no meter. 
It seems the meter is considered durable medical equipment (DME) and I
have to go to a supplier locally to get the meter and that I will have
to pay 20% of the cost.  Okay, no big deal, except that Express Pharmacy
has my rx, and that I can't get my old strips now because the insurance
shows that they sent me 300 test strips on 1/20 (are you following all
this?). I saw my endo today (Hba1cs went from 8.1 to 6.8! Yeah, me!) and
he just wrote me a new rx for the QID Precision.  I take it to one of
the place BC/BS says covers DME, but when I get there they call BC/BS to
verify coverage.  BC/BS will pay 80% on the "VW" of glocometers (about
$65), not on the "Cadillac" of glucometers (in other words the QID
Precision) whihc is about $110.  Now here I have $175 worth of test
strips (shihc coincidentally, they will let me refill 5x more at a value
of $1100 in total) but i can't get the friggin' little meter which will
cost them $88!  (Sorry, I have been arguing about this for 2 weks and my
blood sugar is low!)  Where do I go now?
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, cT