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Re: [IP] pump up the basal?

> From: "buddybarber" <email @ redacted>
>     I'm using straight Velosulin. 

I think I know how to bring down your post-breakfast high, without changing
your basal rates or crashing you before lunch. I just don't know if like
the possible solutions.

Solution 1. Add some protein or fat to your breakfast. This will slow down
the rate at which the CHOs get to your bloodstream. I did a lot of
experimenting with this technique when I was pregnant and had to maintain 1
hour postprandials under 130 (and was using Velosulin). If I ate my normal
breakfast of 1 c. oatmeal with 1 tsp maple syrup and 1/2 c. milk, I was too
high. If I ate 2 tbs. peanut butter FIRST, and then ate my normal breakfast
(with the same bolus!) my 1 hour postprandial was normal, and so was my 4
hour postprandial. :-) Btw, it was extremely important that I ate the
peanut butter first; if I ate it afterwards or at the same time, it didn't

Solution 2. Wait longer between bolusing and eating breakfast. You may find
that waiting 60-75 minutes between the bolus and breakfast gives you the
post-prandial blood sugars you want. I know that with Velosulin, I had to
wait much longer at breakfast than I did at any other time of day, usually
an hour or more. 30-45 minutes was enough for lunch and dinner and
snacks. The decreased waiting time is the reason I love Humalog so much. If
only I didn't have the unpredictable "loss-of-effectiveness" after 1-3 days
with Humalog, and it seems to be getting worse. I'm very tempted to try
this Humalog-Velosulin mix that people keep mentioning; I just need to get
some Velosulin at my next dr's appt in a few weeks. 

email @ redacted