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Re: [IP] Square waves (was Michael)

In a message dated 98-02-05 11:17:16 EST, you write:

> Are you sure the following statement is true???
>  Both pumps are functionally equivalent. However, the Disetronic can 
>  not do square bolus since it doesnt have a temp basal rate gadget.
>  I do not understand the Square Bolus in the Minimed but Disetronic does
> a
>  Temporary Basal Rate Change. Could this be equivalent to the Square Bolus? 
>       Katie

YES!  This is a (mostly) true statement.  Even though the Disetronic has a
temp. basal rate adjustment, the user cannot control the length of time of the
temporary rate.  To properly mimic a square wave, you MUST be able to set the
duration of the temporary basal rate.  I researched this thoroughly when I was
writing my HOWTO on square waves which can be found at the following location
on the Insulin Pumper's homepage:


Check it out!

Mary Jean