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Re: [IP] Re: Michael


I suppose you _could_ consider a very high temp basal rate to be equivalent
to a square-wave bolus, _if_ the pump would allow you to set such a high rate.

The idea behind the MM507's square-wave bolus is to deliver a bolus over a
period of time, rather than all at once.  When you select a bolus amount,
you can specify that the pump deliver it immediately (the default), or over
some period of time (selectable in 30-minute increments).  This is sometimes
referred to as a "pizza bolus", because the CHO in pizza is commonly
digested over a longer period of time than the CHO in other lower-fat foods.
As a result, you want your bolus delivery to be 'spread-out', to more
closely match the CHO digestion, rather than all at once.  This can also be
beneficial for people who have slowed digestion or gastroparesis.

At 11:00 2/5/98 EST, you wrote:
>Are you sure the following statement is true???
>Both pumps are functionally equivalent. However, the Disetronic can 
>not do square bolus since it doesnt have a temp basal rate gadget.
>I do not understand the Square Bolus in the Minimed but Disetronic does have a
>Temporary Basal Rate Change. Could this be equivalent to the Square Bolus? 
>     Katie