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Re: [IP] meter/software


I agree completely, and have suggested it to MiniMed for their next pump
(whenever that might be).  I'd even settle for a larger pump if it had the
following wishlist features:

1) Ability to exclude priming boluses from memory
2) Recording 100 or more boluses
3) Recording of temporary basal rate changes - start and end times
4) Recording of permanent basal rate changes
5) User input and recording of CHO consumed
6) 'Event' recording, similar to what the One Touch Profile has
7) Data port for downloading memory contents

At 13:14 2/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm wondering why our meters record BGs/date/time and our pumps record 7 or
>so boluses, but neither one records or has a method for integrating other
>important date.  The other data is what makes those first 2 #s intelligible.
>Does anyone care?  Do you all spend lots of time typing in your data?  Given
>all the new computer tech this seems like a fairly simple application to add.