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Re: [IP] Need suggestions please


Back when I was wrestling with the SofSet QR's (I lost), I too had to switch
to bent needles for awhile (until I found some PureLine Comfort sets, which
are almost identical to the "new" Silhouette and the Disetronic Tender).

During that time, I recall using a ZipLoc bag to keep my pump in whilst
showering...although there was a very small area around the tubing that
could leak, I didn't have any trouble with it.

At 21:44 1/25/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have been having problems with my softsets and have received help from a
>number of people. I finally figured out that the softsets have been getting
>crimped by going in too far and am in the process of switching to the
>silhouettes. (have to wait for the insurance co to work out the details)
>I have been trying to keep the softsets working consistently for me the
>past few weeks, but my frustration has only increased!......had to miss out
>on a family dinner last night as my BG jumped up to 257....had changed the
>set that am and then again at night. Started out decent today, then started
>climbing after dinner....tested at 236 4hrs after dinner and decided I
>better change sets again.....the cannula was bent again!! I happen to have
>some old bent needle sets that are not quick release that were given to me
>by a friend who used to use them so I could have some sets as a back-up.  I
>have been reluctant to use them without the QR, but tonight I had had it
>and just put one in. Now, the question is: when I take my shower tomorrow
>am what can I use to protect the pump that I might have around the house? I
>never bought one of those shower bags because I never needed one....but
>now....any ideas for some temporary help?
>email @ redacted