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[IP] Need suggestions please

I have been having problems with my softsets and have received help from a
number of people. I finally figured out that the softsets have been getting
crimped by going in too far and am in the process of switching to the
silhouettes. (have to wait for the insurance co to work out the details)
I have been trying to keep the softsets working consistently for me the
past few weeks, but my frustration has only increased!......had to miss out
on a family dinner last night as my BG jumped up to 257....had changed the
set that am and then again at night. Started out decent today, then started
climbing after dinner....tested at 236 4hrs after dinner and decided I
better change sets again.....the cannula was bent again!! I happen to have
some old bent needle sets that are not quick release that were given to me
by a friend who used to use them so I could have some sets as a back-up.  I
have been reluctant to use them without the QR, but tonight I had had it
and just put one in. Now, the question is: when I take my shower tomorrow
am what can I use to protect the pump that I might have around the house? I
never bought one of those shower bags because I never needed one....but
now....any ideas for some temporary help?
email @ redacted