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Pumpers & Friends,
    It has been fun to watch the notes go over where sites go. Male v Female ---in other parts of the world putting sites in arms - legs is the normal thing. It doesn't matter  where you place the site as long as it works. 19yrs ago when I started on a pump we tried them all. I found some old notes about where to place sites. I like to share them with the group. Arms: can be problem if  I do a lot of work with arms BS will fall fast during day but slows down at night (sleeping) need to place needle away from muscle at a shallow deep - body hair needs to be shaved off too. Back: need help with placement and to remove -need to up rates by  10% work best with Teflon cannula and extension set with shallow angle also problem if hot outside site coming out from sweating. Hips & Butt: placement  is a must -  watch  out for bone - need help with angle and not putting in muscle. Thigh & Leg: Need to shave and to watch angles - muscle. Chest & Ribs: Watch angle - muscle - bone - use straight needle or Teflon cannula   need more dressing to hold because of sweating too. Stomach: stay away from  BB 3'' , try to stay away from Belt line too. Shave hair off too. I have two places on stomach that I can not use because problems with pain and because BS just go up if I do.  As you can see I talk about placement angles we did not have bent-needle or solfset. It was just straight-needle or Teflon cannula with a extension set and not to many kinds of dressing too.
    Over the years I have try to place sites all over my body; Stomach 80% above belt-line 60%; Thigh 10%; Arms 5%; Chest/ribs 2%; Hips/butt 2%; Back 1%. I have a great deal of body hair so I try to shave stomach once aweek. I change site every two/three days, most of the time it is where it is place for how long I can kept it in. I have push it sometime and left it in for 6 days. If at anytime it is sore, red, warm, and if BS go up that is not cause food; I change site. I, Coach wrestling & do some old-timer match too; I found that  my thigh works the best with pump in the small of my back, I take it off if I'm in a match only because it hurts to fall on it. Over the years, I have frozen my pump this was a old big 6MP about ten time bigger than pumps now. It was on my belt but below coat one Jan. night. It was crazy calling the pump co. any telling them I froze it ; I had to put in five batteries set to get it to work then on the phone alnight to running checks to see that it worked alright. It did for four more years too  but it was taped up didn't look very good but it did work.   
    One more thing on a personal note, to all the old Pumper Ink people   (Hi, I'm feeling better and thanks to all who have written to see how I'm doing) I hope the list does not get so formal that we forget that we are people with feeling and needs (so time we need to cry-laugh-show that we care about one another) to show we are human. If you can't handle the mail, Michael has done a great job at setting up the web-site where you can read what you want or need too. As of today I have over 3267 post in my pump mail box, it is not a problem for me to read any of them and the space is less than 1m too. Glenn, you did a good thing starting the group. Michael has done a great job helping it grow and the web-site is great and it is being seen all over the world. Glenn, Roz, Sue, Buddy, Sara, Karla, Michael, Carol,and all my Pumpers Friends remember too....
        SMILE & BE HAPPY
                Rodney : -{ )