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[IP] Re: Michael

Marina Krefft wrote:
> I read your advice in the digest today and went searching for
> information on how to do a basal rate measurement.  I'm assuming that's
> what you meant by doing a 24 hour analysis. 
Yes, good source for information is the pump bible "Pumping Insulin" 
if you pump you should have this book. Click on BOOKS on the website 
to get phone numbers, etc... to get it.

I have just released a bunch of new HOWTO's including one on HOWTO 
profile your Basal Rates.

Click on HOWTO on the website.

 I've never done this before
> nor have the endos ever mentioned it.  I just want to know if testing

They probably do not know how.

> every 2 hours on 2 separate days is really what you meant.  I've been
No, not quite.  Read the HOWTO's. It could easily take a week or two 
(with rest days) to get a good profile.  You do it a piece at a time, 
correct and move on to the next piece.

> exploring your pages just now and have found them amazingly
> informative.  I've explored lots of diabetes pages but most of the stuff
> on your site is brand new to me.  It's like learning everything all over
> again but with some science and logic to back it up this time.
> Michael's A1C's haven't been too bad, 7.6 last month and 7.2- 3 months
> prior but within those numbers are lots of fluctuations and many, many
> high morning bgs.  The multiple injections are mostly my way of trying

Do you use NPH?  If you really can give the shots regularly through 
the day, you can eliminate NPH except for night time.  Regular every 
4 hours is just fine during the day.  Lily did this for a while and 
it worked well.  She even did Regular only (including a 3:00 am shot) 
over a whole 3 day weekend once when her sport guard leaked and 
drowned her pump on a friday.  (days before quick release). Her BG's 
were nearly perfect the whole time.

> to mimic the natural action of beta cells.  I very rarely call the CDE's
> or elusive endo for advice because more often than not, it's a waste of
> time.
> I've seen the disetronic video but haven't had any luck getting the
> minimed video.  The one I've seen seems to compensate for basal
> fluctuations by being able to be preprogrammed to release insulin in low
> doses at varying amounts throughout the day.  You bolus when you eat or
> whenever your bgs are high.  Is that basically the deal with Minimed
> too?  
Both pumps are functionally equivalent. However, the Disetronic can 
not do square bolus since it doesnt have a temp basal rate gadget.
>Also, I think it's supposed to be waterproof but I'm a bit
> skeptical about that.
They are both 'Water Resistant" If you take them below about 5 or 6 
feet, the seals will leak. The waterproofing is casual not deep sea. 

> Anyway, I'm just writing to thank you for the wealth of information on
> your site and to make sure I'm doing what you suggested--testing every 2
> hours for 24 hours and then repeating this on another day.  I'll do it
> this weekend.
NO NO - read the HOWTO.

You may wish to look through the archives as well under Members Only
your access will be available after the 1:00 am server update.

Best Regards, Michael

> Thanks,
> Marina
> http://www.angelfire.com/il/bythesea/index.html