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[IP] Bunch of new HOWTO's

Many thanks to Bob and Mary J. for proofing, correcting, etc... 

There are a bunch of new HOWTO's that I just put up on the web site.
Some of them are interactive.

Have a look, let me have any comments you might have to make them 
easier to understand, corrections, modifications, and so on.

The Basal Rate Estimator now has detailed INSTRUCTONS and
complete ILLUSTRATIONS of data entry and the resulting graphs.

---- here's the list ----
see them at:
  Click on HOWTO

HOWTO profile your BASAL RATES
HOWTO estimate new Basal Rates 
HOWTO measure Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio
HOWTO measure Blood Sugar to Carbohydrate ratio
HOWTO check your RATIOS
   Check that your Blood Sugar to Insulin, Carbo to Insulin, 
   and Blood Sugar to Carbo ratios are correct.