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Re: [IP] continuous glucose sensor

At 04:21 PM 2/4/98 -0800, Michelle wrote:

>better than the Drs...or do you think they are hypochondriacs, Bob? <big
>grin> seems like we learn something new about the big D every day...

Hey, careful!! That's two messages where my name showed up in lights right
after the word hypochondriac ;-)

>   also learned that there is a study going on about mixing Humalog and
>Velosolin...another pumper was there on day 3 of the mix, ready to go
>home and take out her set to see if she had any problems at the site...a
>guy there had to quit the pump cuz he's allergic to the insulin or the
>teflon cannula...this girl is wondering if this might be a problem for
>her also...not one to be left off the bandwagon...I seem to be having the
>same problems she is...remeber I've only been on the pump 2 months...but
>the last 5 sites have had absesses or nodules the size of a pea just
>under the surface...not protruding out but under the skin...mind you I
>have plenty of sub Q fat to hide it in...are these what are called pump
>bumps or are those the little red marks that are left when the catheter
>is removed...I thought it may be because I had infection in my bod from

I used to get "pump bumps" which typically lasted for three or more days
after removing the set. They happened with regularity on bent needle sets,
did not seem as bad or as long lasting with Comfort sets. They were little
red bumps, kind of like small pimples (wait - any pimple I have ever gotten
has been *HUGE* and usually right in the middle of my forehead, the day of
a big meeting, job interview or class photo ;-))

In a way these pump bumps were kind of neat - they marked the last infusion
site, so I did not insert too closely to it the next time. When I started
on my Disetronic pump, I switched from the MiniMed bent needle sets to the
ones offered by Disetronic. The pump bumps "disappeared". There will always
be a tiny mark where the needle was removed - this is expected. Now these
marks go away within one day, sometimes disappear by the end of the day.

Different metal in the needles perhaps? Different pump delivery method? At
any rate, I don't get them anymore - pump bumps, that is. Pimples still
appear for meetings and photos ;-).

For anyone bothered by these pump bumps, you might consider trying a
different brand of infusion set. The vendors will usually send you a sample
to try
Bob Burnett

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