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Re: [IP] pump up the basal?

    I'm using straight Velosulin. I do sidedress it with Humalog when I get
high (I sound like a hippie farmer) and I have real good (luck) results with
this combination. My basals are:

    12:00 AM to 1:00 AM  = .7
    1:00   AM to  6:00 AM = 1.2
    6:00 AM  to 12:00 AM = .7

    I thought I would I would change the 1 AM  to 6 AM basal to 1 to 4 =1.2
then add another 4 AM to 6 AM = 1.8. ??? The only thing about this is that
most mornings I am fasting at or close to 85 - 100. With this extra juice I
will probably be in the 50's. I am satisfied with my fasting BG it is just
the two to three hour after breakfast. If I neglect to take that particular
BG my numbers look GREAT until I backslide or miscalculate.
    What you think Dr. Quick?  I used to have a FINE doctor in Beaumont
named Quick. Any kin? <big grin>

Buddy '-)