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Re: [IP] Recording data

  Unfortunately my total basal dose changes by 
>about 40 % for menses and it occurs gradually over the last two weeks 
>of the month.  I also have days when - even though I am truly Type 1 - 
>I use very little insulin.  Ovulation is dramatic, but I'll have other 
>days when the drop is about 25 %.   The gastroparesis?  No one has it 
>figured out yet, but I believe strongly in good data gathering.
>Take care,
I'd like some more info on how you handle basal changes for PMS...I am
just starting to play with basals in regards to my cycle...but I have
only raised each basal by 0.1 or 0.2...I would be interested in finding
out exactly how you work y0ur system...aren't hormones a great thing...my
father in law has prostate cancer and is on female hormones...he's
getting everything from hot flashes to uncontrolable shopping
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