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[IP] continuous glucose sensor

kinda frustrated on gathering info on the glucose sensor...I guess the
FDA has a gag order on the company...but Evelyne did say it might be out
beg. of '99...depends on how it goes with the FDA and if they are
satisfied with the data or if they want more...so I guess you can come
out of the lurking closet Bill, I kinda figured you couldn't give me too
much info...big sigh...Michelle...
   oh, there was a guy there who was in the research study for the
implantable insulin pump by minimed...he's waiting as impatiently for
that to come out here as I am for the glucose sensor...It is being used
in Europe...a problem they had was with the insulin...I guess the
original insulin they used worked but the company that made it got in
trouble for polluting processing the insulin...so they used a different
technique and the new insulin cystalizes...anyhoo this guy...sorry I
didn't get his name...the meeting started...probably a good thing since I
am blabbing his story for the diabetic world to see...said it was much
easier to control sugars with the internal pump and his battery lasted 3
plus years...he only had 2 low BG's and better HBA1c's...also said his
sugar goes down under stress...several other pumpers agreed, stating that
their Drs. didn't agree...just another instance of our knowing our bodies
better than the Drs...or do you think they are hypochondriacs, Bob? <big
grin> seems like we learn something new about the big D every day...
   also learned that there is a study going on about mixing Humalog and
Velosolin...another pumper was there on day 3 of the mix, ready to go
home and take out her set to see if she had any problems at the site...a
guy there had to quit the pump cuz he's allergic to the insulin or the
teflon cannula...this girl is wondering if this might be a problem for
her also...not one to be left off the bandwagon...I seem to be having the
same problems she is...remeber I've only been on the pump 2 months...but
the last 5 sites have had absesses or nodules the size of a pea just
under the surface...not protruding out but under the skin...mind you I
have plenty of sub Q fat to hide it in...are these what are called pump
bumps or are those the little red marks that are left when the catheter
is removed...I thought it may be because I had infection in my bod from
being sick that my bod couldn't take being open to infection or my cold
infected breath...please don't let me be allergic...I'll cry
get to meet Michael and Lily and anyone else who might be in the area...

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