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Re: [IP] meter/software

Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> I have a paper logbook (a modified version of Lily's).  I wanted,
> however, to know how you get from the paper notes and the meter memory
> to the software analysis without having to spend hours retyping your
> paper notes?
> Anyone?

First and formost, you need the right kind of meter. There are now
several different brands of meter that have a port to connect a 
special cable to so the records can be downloaded directly into 
your computer. 

I'll talk about the 1 I have, the LifeScan OneTouch Profile. The special
cable either comes with a software package from LifeScan for $60 to $80
depending on sales drives, or can be ordered separately for the cost of
shipping (or less), usually $5. The InTouch software from LifeScan can
be a bit bothersome sometimes, but it lets you print 10 different report 
formats, which can be very helpful for analysing what needs to be done.

There are shareware and freeware programs available on the net which I
don't have URL's for. They can be very good or may be somewhat simpler,
so you should be able to fit what YOU want with 1 of them.

The Profile also lets you record insulin doses and carbs eaten, which are
integrated into the reports.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted