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Re: [IP] Saw my new endo, changed my rates, I feel stoned. -Reply

Heather Lucas wrote:
>   When you initially have the pump inserted, is a hospital stay involved?

Depends on the doctor, but normally yes. Main point is they like to be sure
you don't overdose on insulin and can handle using it for 2 to 4 days.

>   How long does it take to get everything up and running?

Ten minutes now, but as above I was in the hospital 3 days to get started
on it. Mind you, it was as much training my doctor and the nurses as it 
was me, I was the first one they trained there. Doctor had inherited a few
that moved in with a pump.

>   Do you have any problems with sleeping with it?

Not really. Twice in 4 years it got a bit complicated when the 2 of us were 
moving in different directions and the hose got caught. Sure glad I use 
Teflon canulas.
>  You know and most of all is it really better control?

Yes definitely, especially with Humalog.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted