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[IP] Recording data

A long time ago - probably about 1988 -- Accucheck (Boeringer Mannheim) had a device known as a Merlin that did allow you to keep lots more data via (I think) 100 definable event codes.  There must not have been all that many of us that liked data gathering well enough at that time, because I think that it was discontinued.  Perhaps there latest and greatest will offer a portion of what that did.  I still use some of my old event codes as a shortcut to my note keeping.

I found that I still prefer to keep a written log which I can conveniently carry along and check it.  If my life ever becomes a bit more stable that might not be as necessary.  But currently I reset basals quite often.  Unfortunately my total basal dose changes by about 40 % for menses and it occurs gradually over the last two weeks of the month.  I also have days when - even though I am truly Type 1 - I use very little insulin.  Ovulation is dramatic, but I'll have other days when the drop is about 25 %.   The gastroparesis?  No one has it figured out yet, but I believe strongly in good data gathering.
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