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Re: [IP] meter/software

Thanks Michael.

I have a paper logbook (a modified version of Lily's).  I wanted,
however, to know how you get from the paper notes and the meter memory
to the software analysis without having to spend hours retyping your
paper notes?




Michael wrote:

> >
> > Ruth,
> >         If you think it is too much trouble to......
> Take a look at Lily's logbook on the website.
> It is layed out specifically for recording pumpers readings.
> Downloadable images are available in
> postscript
> and all major standard image formats
> so that the master sheet can be reproduced on a high quality laser
> or ink jet printer.  Makes a 3.5 x 7 inch booklet from 8 1/2 x 11
> paper.
> Comprehensive instructions are included.
> A number of other log book masters are also on the page.
> Michael
> email @ redacted