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Re: [IP] Want to share some good news



My husband and I are thinking of doing the same.  I have a long, problematic
diabetic (and otherwise) history.  Would love to know anything and everything you
discover about managing pregnancy and diabetes.   We are just getting our feet

Hope it goes wonderfully well!


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi everyone and welcome to all the new members.  I haven't posted anything
> lately, but have been trying to keep up with the mail and how everyone is
> doing.  My good news is that I'm pregnant!!  Baby is due the end of Sept. so
> we have a looonnng way to go.  This will be #2, as we have a 4 yr old son,
> Justin.  He is so excited about the baby.  So far I've been doing pretty good
> with the blood sugars, could be better at times, but am making changes
> frequently trying to stay on top of things.  I'm in contact with the endo's
> office twice a week, working with two nurse educators.  One of them has gone
> through two pregnancies on the pump herself so she has been alot of help.  I'm
> so glad to be on the pump (started on 7/97) as it's already proven itself
> early in the pregnancy compared to when I was pregnant with Justin.  I did go
> on the pump the last three months of my first pregnancy, but I hated being
> "attached" to it all the time so I gave it back (was renting it) after
> delivery.  However, I always said that once another pregnancy was talked about
> I would definitely go back on it prior to getting pregnant to get used to it,
> etc which is what I did.  The quick release has to be the greatest improvement
> as I absolutely love the pump now and would not go back to shots for anything.
> Don't mean to ramble, but I did want to let you in on the good news and to ask
> for any advice, tips, etc that others might have.  One of my concerns is the
> fact that during my first pregnancy I had only myself (and my husband) to
> think about so I was able to really concentrate on the blood sugars, meals and
> dr. appts, but this time I also have Justin to take care of.  The pump is
> wonderful in that respect--not needing to stay in such a rigid schedule.  Any
> advice from those who have gone through another pregnancy while having other
> kids to take care of?
> Take care everyone,
> Susan Gullekson  (thought I'd better include the last name as there are
> several Susan's on the list now)