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Re: [IP] pump up the basal?

> That one "trouble spot" drove me nuts when I first started pumping. It was
> maddening, because one of the things I was looking for from pumping was a
> better mid morning BG, with no crash at lunch. My work schedule would not
> tolerate anything else. I tried the same adjustments you tried, with the
> exact same results (high mid morning or crash at lunch).

Lily was able to fix this problem with a 'morning bolus' when she 
gets up from bed in the morning.  She had to experiment some. 1.5 to 
2 units seems to do it for her. I worked with Velosulin and now works 
with Humalog.  There is some variability in when she uses it.
On school days when she rises at 6:30, is usually is not needed ( 7 
hours sleep). If she gets more than 8 hours it is always needed.

Must have something to do with body rythms.  She had to fool around 
with the timing and amounts for a couple of months to get it just 
right every time.

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