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[IP] Re: Starting Pump

    First of all you are not paying that jerk to scream and b****h at you.
Fire that sucker!
    Second, don't be worried about starting on the pump it may be a little
frightful at first but in no time your trainer will have you up and running.
When I had my "only" session with my trainer she told my wife and I about
all the hardware. She explained all the functions of the 507. Incindently, I
had one of those pocket sized tape recorders and taped most of her demo. It
turned out I knew about as much about the tape recorder as the pump and I
couldn't hardly hear it when I tried to play it back! <Big Grin>
    My pump trainer was also a diabetic and had been wearing a MiniMed for
16 years. She knew what to tell me and all the questions to answer.
Wonderful lady.
    She was showing me how strong the softsets were and how the tube NEVER
pulls out of the infusion set. Ha, at that point she pulled the tubing right
out of the softset. Her face turned red and she said that was her first one
ever to pull out. Not to worry, they are strong.
    At this point she said we would a set at the same time since she broke
hers and so we did. It was a snap. Didn't hurt a bit. It is truely very
simple and less pain than an injection.
    The control will improve in the first few days but it won't be perfect
or near perfect for a while. You will feel better in three days. I promise.
You will wake up on the third day and think you are in the wrong body!
    My appointment was for 3 PM and at 5:30 PM we were on our way home. No
hospital stay and after two and a half hours I was pumping.
    The day I was to start on the pump she told me not to take ANY NPH
insulin. this is so that you don't have to deal with the long acting stuff.
Only Velosulin or Humalog or whatever you plan to use.
    You won't be sorry and you WILL wish you had started years sooner. Trust
me. We all wish you the best of luck but you won't need it. You will do
great! You will feel soooo good you will be tempted to go and kick "old
Hitler's" fanny!

Buddy '-)))
> If you have the time, would you kindly give me some input and any other
>information you think would be helpful for me?
>  Thank you very much!
>                                           Heather