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Re: [IP] pump up the basal?


That one "trouble spot" drove me nuts when I first started pumping. It was
maddening, because one of the things I was looking for from pumping was a
better mid morning BG, with no crash at lunch. My work schedule would not
tolerate anything else. I tried the same adjustments you tried, with the
exact same results (high mid morning or crash at lunch).

The only thing which really did it for me was switching to Humalog.
However, I know a good number of folks who are able to make these
adjustments with Velosolin. Some of them help this adjustment by modifying
their breakfast meal - perhaps having less carbs, or more fat to delay the
carb metabolism. I guess this just proves that no single solution will work
for each of us. Think what this list would be like if everyone reacted the
same way to the exact same routine ;-)


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>On Tue, 3 Feb 1998 19:00:36 -0600 "buddybarber" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I do have one problem area and that is the two hour sugar after
>breakfast. I am a creature of habit and cook the same thing every morning.
>Maltomeal, toast, and one cup of milk. I can be at 85 fasting, take a 
>bolus of 7.5 at 5:15 AM. Eat at 6:00 AM and at 8 I will be 225 and by 11 it 
>will be back to 125. If I increase the bolus I crash before lunch and if I
>decrease the carbs I crash before lunch. I haven't figured that one 
>out yet but I feel so good I really don't worry about it too much. Usually
>is the highest unless I miscalculate the carbs at supper and start out 
>high fasting. Then. . . . I break out the Humalog!! That is when I have a
>Got to go,
>Buddy '-)

Bob Burnett

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