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[IP] Heather

I don't think the Hitler approach works for very many people...for me it
made things worse...I became more obsessed with food...the big D seems to
contribute more than its fair share to the ranks of eating
disorders...people used to be admitted to go on the pump but I wasn't and
I don't think it is cost effective so I don't see insurance supporting
that anymore...just make sure you are able to contact someone if you have
troubles...how quickly you are up and running depends on how quickly the
insurance and health care workers move...I waited for years because my
insurance didn't cover it...so by the time I finally got the pump...not
thru insurance... I was quite impatient to get going...Q: Do you have any
problems sleeping with it?  Only if it is bothered by snoring...most
people feel better going on the pump and have better HA1c's...just go
slow getting under control if your HA1c were really high...it's a shock
to the bod...hope these answers helped..michelle

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