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[IP] Non-member submission Subject: Thanks from Italy

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From: "Fabrizio L'Episcopia" <email @ redacted>
Hi Cliff!
First of all I have to thank you for your welcome to the pumper's group...I'm a 
newbie of the pump even because I putted on just yesterday!!:-)))I'm
diabetic since I was 17(now I'm 27) and for those 10 last years I used the
multiply injections therapy(4 shots per day).On 1th February 1996 i starded
with Humalog.
i think it's a great,brilliant insulin especially for the sense of the whole
freedom that it give to us.I used humalog mixed with NPH(in the ratio of
70/30)and I'm very surprising to hear that you mix Humalog with
Regular(before Humalog I used Actrapid HM by Novo Nordisk)..it's a strange
cocktail !!;-))))
I asked to my diabetologist to use Humalog even with the pump,but he said
that the italian Lilly company advise him to avoid to use it with the
pump,because the FDA results are not clear on this point..So I'll wait
before starting with Humalog.I read the e-mail of Bob Burnett who wrote
that"the site is slightly hard and it will sometimes take 2/3 days for this
to clear up and forces to rotate sites"..it sounds strange..maybe the CSII
with Humalog could have some contra-indication.Afterall,who knows the REAL
effects of this insulin analog?
I'm not a doc,but I'm "quite good"as diabetic and I read always newspaper
for diabetics,BUT EVEN specialized medical journal..plus I have 10 years
experiences as vice -president of the local diabetics association(see my web
page http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/6515).When I met the world of the
Net,I understood that it could be a usefull system for diabetics..I think
that sometimes it's more important a right information more than
insulin!!!!So in 1997 I create the italian newsgroup for italian
diabetics(the url is it.medicina.diabete)as yours misch.health.diabetes...
So Cliff to answer your questions i do not know if in Italy we use more
MINIMED or DISETRONIC,but most of my friends,use minimed ....but you must
regard that in Italy pumps aren't very common!!!In Italy you can find all
principal supplies for the pump and you can buy it in the drugstore.All
italian diabetics DO NOT PAY for it,but the government does!!Infact there is
a state Law n_115 of 1987 that say that "DIABETES IS A SOCIAL ILLNESS AND
the pump)
Excuse me for the longwindedness of this mail but I'm very happy to became a
part of your group..Thaks Cliff and I hope to hear news from you and from
all the group:-)!!!!!!!!

           Fabrizio L'Episcopia
           e-mail  email @ redacted
           other e-mail: email @ redacted
           0039+75+5004746 fax
                "Perche' chi salva solo una vita salva il mondo intero"
                    (versetto talmud)
                 "Because who save even a human life,save the whole world"
                     (from Talmud)