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Re: [IP] Sillouette infusion sets

I use them and love them!  I have been on the pump for two months now. 
I use to use the soft set but they seemed to keep hitting muscles or nerves
every time.  It was VERY painful!!   So they let me try the silhouette sets.
At first the idea of sticking such a large needle in me was a tad scary, but
this group encouraged me and I am finally use to it and can do it now
with out thinking about it.

Yes, the needle does go in at an angle.  I also like the way there is now
cord dangling from the site.   Now of course there is no inserter to help you
"pop" it in.  I had my trainer talk to me over the phone to help me insert it.
Let's just say the first time "took my breath away"..  BUT like I said before, I
am use to it and love having them.

Hope you try them and like them as well.
email @ redacted

> Hi,
> Is anyone using these infusion sets from Minimed?  I got them to send me a
> couple of samples but can't try then now with all the other change
> occurring (new scheds).
> Any tips would be appreciated.  I really want to open one to fiddle around
> with it but part of my brain keeps yelling "Do you know how much those
> *cost*?"
> Why is the needle so long?!?  (because of the 30 degree angle?)
> Janine
> type 1, 18 years
> pump, 13 years
> -----------------------
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
> email @ redacted