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Re: [IP] Sillouette infusion sets

In a message dated 98-02-04 11:32:51 EST, you write:

> Is anyone using these infusion sets from Minimed?  I got them to send me a
>  couple of samples but can't try then now with all the other change
>  occurring (new scheds).
>  Any tips would be appreciated.  I really want to open one to fiddle around
>  with it but part of my brain keeps yelling "Do you know how much those
>  *cost*?"
>  Why is the needle so long?!?  (because of the 30 degree angle?)

Yes!  I love them.  They are much more comfortable than the sof-sets.  The
needle is long because of the angle but it is also thinner than the sof-set
needle so it is more comfortable to insert.  I like how they disconnect right
at the site, not leaving any tubing hanging.  They also have a little cover
that you can put in to keep it clean while you are disconnected.  The adhesive
seems to hold just fine, too.  Did they send you the little page of
instructions on how to insert them?  If not, I'll gladly send you one.  I do
have one tip.  They aren't very specific about how much insulin to use to
prime the canula once it is inserted,  I have found that .4 units works great.

Mary Jean