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[IP] t shirts - get pumped

another idea might be to get one of those t shirts to one of those
energetic people that run in marathons to wear one...lots of
exposure...people in my pump group might be interested...were talking
last night about how not enough people even know about the pump and that
it has made such a difference in everyones life...Michelle

On Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:51:39 -0500 Ted Quick
<email @ redacted> writes:
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> In a message dated 2/2/98 11:58:10 PM, Forrest wrote:
>> <<Maybe you could wear a button that says, "Ask me about my 
>diabetes?" or
>> "Ask
>> me about my Insulin Pump"?>>
>> I still like the t-shirt idea.  One that says "I'm pumped 24 hours a 
>day" or
>> how about "I love to be pumped"!
>I know how to make those with anything on them, including your picture 
>whatever you want in 16.7 million colors. Just in case you're 
>Ted Quick
>email @ redacted

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