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Re: [IP] Saw my new endo, changed my rates, I feel stoned. -Reply

Hi Heather,

>  I have been a diabetic for 17 years with no (knock on wood) real
>problems.  I am not on the pump as of yet.  I am scheduled to see a new
>endo on February 9, 98 to inquire about the pump.  My old endo was the
>Hitler type where he would lecture and scream at me.  What a drag he
>was.  He made me worse than better.  I do have some questions about
>the pump and hope that you will be able to answer for me.

I too used to have a Hitler clone for an endo - not particularly effective,
except for making me not go see him!  I hope the new endo is more
supportive and can give you somehelp without too much attitude.

>  When you initially have the pump inserted, is a hospital stay involved?
>  How long does it take to get everything up and running?
>  Do you have any problems with sleeping with it?

I went on the pump 13 years ago and what is done may have changed, as it
does from doctor to doctor as well.  I was in the hospital for about 5
days, but now in times of fiscal restraint, that might not happen.

How long it takes depends on how easy it is to find a system of basal rates
and boluses that works for you.  Some people as simpler than others.  It is
sort of a trial and eror system from my experience.  Since I am basically
starting from scratch now, it looks like it will be daily phone contact for
several weeks until everything sorts itself out, then monthly, then
probably quarterly.

I have only had trouble sleeping with it when I have put an infusion set in
my side and I try to sleep on it.  That can be uncomfortable but it
generally means the site is not too good anyway.  I put the pump in a soft
case and get into bed.  I think in the beginning I got tangled up once ot
twice, and I have attempted to go to the washroom at 3am and dragged it,
now I just automatically turn it with me and pick it up when I get up.  My
husband has never run into it or got tangled.

> You know and most of all is it really better control?

Yes, I think it is better control.  Once you get going, it makes life
easier in many ways and blood sugar control is the biggest.  But just
because you go on a a pump, your blood sugars will not become perfect.  You
still need to work at it a bit, but it is much less work, I find.  It is
worth worth the minor troubles because it is just so much better!  I tried
to go off the pump once to see what would happen, about 5 years ago, and
life was terrible - my sugars went nuts, I got really depressed, nothing I
did helped until I went back on it.

> If you have the time, would you kindly give me some input and any other
>information you think would be helpful for me?

What kind of pump are you interested in?  There are several types of
infusion sets and finding one that works for you is key, as are types of
tape.  You need to experiment and not accept the first thing that comes
along.  I have lots of ideas, as will everyone else, so think about what
you want to know.  I know that in itself can be hard because you don't know
what all is involved.  I tend to assume people know many things they don't
because I have a hard time remembering what I had to learn in the
beginning.  I have a pump faq I made for someone, and if you want it,
e-mail me.

There are lots of wonderful people on this list who are a great resource
for information or support.  Ask away!


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted