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Re: [IP] meter/software

    If you think it is too much trouble to carry your checkbook size record book around and enter your data software of today will only hinder you. You still have to sit at the keyboard and download your meter and then input the amounts of your insulin, exercise, what you will eat at meals. . . . ect. Maybe these new Super Meters will be different but from what I can see at this point you have to be dedicated and spend at least 15 or 20 minutes daily to keep your data up to date.
    On the software you go to the meal planning section and choose what foods you want and it calculates the CHO's, you have to enter the exercise and insulin input. It gets better after you have used it a while but it does take some effort.
Buddy '-)

I'm curious to know if any how those of you who use compter software to examine your BG test records manage the logistics.  I have long demanding days and no computer access at the schools were I work.  I have a record keeping check size booklet that I made.  I'd love to not have to stop and write down BGs -- since my meter does record them -- but I find that several days later it becomes hard to reconstruct all the other details of the day the meter doesn't record -- i.e. food, exercise etc.  I also end up entering them again -- too time consuming during high work periods.  How do you manage the logistics of getting the information other than BGs recorded for the software to examine?


Barry Bruce wrote:

i'm going to need a new meter and would like to get one i can download
info/readings straight into my pc.i could use any advice on meters and
software. any sug. on any of the nutrition/menu planning software. i'm a
single father on definently no cook. thanks
email @ redacted