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Re: [IP] Insurance Frustrations


First of all, I believe in many states that as long as you have insurance when
you change insurance companies, there can not be a lapse in benefits - as long
as you haven't been without insurance.  I know this is true in NY and TX so
check with your state insurance board.  If you are on your fathers insurance
now, as soon as you get the new job, you must be offered insurance, if that is
a company benefit.  In many comapnies if yo don't take it in like the 1st 30
days of employment they can require a physical, but I believe it is law that
the only questions they can ask are age, sex, where you live and if you smoke
- there was another one, but I think exclusions are against the law - at least
in many states, soyou have to check.  Jut don't let the coverage you DO have
lapse - just in case you need to go to the emergency room for something or

Second, ask the Barbara Davis people to look at the list of quack...I mean
doctors that Kaiser gives you and see if they can refer you to one.  Maybe NOT
an endocrinoogist  - maybe an internist,  or even a general practioner, but
just have them look over the list - they may have a connection

Third, can you get velosulin or regular insulin under your current plan?  If
so, don't worry about the Humalog just yet - get yourself "smoothed out"
first, and then worry about adding that additional factor.

4th, Make sure and advise your state insurance board about what is going on -
sounds kinda fishy to me.  Don't forget the DCCT trial that proves tighter
control improves and reduces complications and this is possible with multip
injections and the pump.  many peopple on this list will tell you that.

5th  Check with the BD clinic and see if there ar=ny pump studies you can get
on.  I kow at UT Southwestern they were just starting one with pumps and
Humalog...they proved all supplies and equipemtn for free.

Sound slik eyou are motivated and capable - now if onnly the freaking
bureaucrats and doctors would get the hell out of your way!!!