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Re: [IP] Insurance Frustrations

Ah Kimberly,
    Your experience sounds like mine...I was really unpredictable on
U...had dawn phenonmenon and somogy effect...and because of the lag time
mentioned in the previous post...I couldn't prove to the Dr that I was
going low during the night...no way could I be low if I was waking up 200
plus...could this be where my hypochondria started? Bob? Finally
confirmed my beliefs when I was in the biosensor study and was awakened
with a low alarm of 50 when I went to bed at 200...what a
rollercoaster...It was so frustrating...I am so glad you were able to get
a 507 though...Kaiser will pay for the pump in some areas, but it sounds
like you are under the same worthless plan I was...where you are just
barely covered under your parents insurance, all they covered was trips
to the dr., no insulin, no syringes, no pump supplies, each blood test
had a $4 copay...one time I had a $88 lab bill...I know I shouldn't
complain...at least I don't live in someplace they don't even have health
care...I also got into trouble at my job cuz I had to take off for Dr's
appointments...finally quit cuz the stress was making my sugars nuts and
I was totally exhausted all the time...and depressed and frustrated...I
guess you could say I understand...
    go on a mission...ask everyone you come in contact with if they have
any ideas... unfortunately most people are tight lipped, but keep
trying...joining the pump group...(ask the minimed and disitronic rep if
they know where some are located)... was one of the best things I did to
meet contacts...find out about any studies going on ...that may help you
make important contacts and you might get some needed supplies...I got
test strips, blood tests, a meter, a beautiful suite at the Univerasal
Hilton and $ from the first Minimed study....it was an awesome vacation
except for Vlad the impaler...I had an IV line in so they could test
every 15 mins to an hour....  heck donate your body to science...Sara
might be able to give you more tips on how to work around the
system...you got supplies from a study, didn't you? joke...instead of
a..." will work for food sign"... carry a..."will donate diabetes damaged
body parts for pump supplies"...(cuz the researchers are the only ones
that want 'em) and if you get into a really good study like islet cell
transplant tell me about it and I'll be right there behind ya...and don't
rule out begging... I've got a box or 2 of bent needle infusion sets that
were handed down to me...if ya get really desparate...Michelle

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