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Re: [IP] Support

>I'm almost sure that Montana, Texas, and Alaska - among all other places
have docs who will also work with you.  Take care.

    I am sure you are right. There are some GREAT doctors and CDEs but at
this point in time There are few of them in my area. That just reminded me
of a new female endo, and I am not prejudice, I would not mind seeing a lady
doctor at all. I have been married to a GREAT lady for thirty years and she
has doctored me pretty well. This new one in Beaumont, Dr. Janice Lorenzen
(I think), has written a book on "Pumping". She has been there about 6
months and the only reason I have not seen her is because my insurance does
not approve her. That's OK though my insurance just changed and I think now
I will not have those problems.
    I have kept records of all my BG's for the past ? years. With the pump
and back on MDI's I can tell what is happening and make the needed
adjustments. Maybe I just accept the peaks and valleys. I have stabilized
them greatly since starting on the pump and cruise between 70 and 140 90% of
the time. I do have one problem area and that is the two hour sugar after
breakfast. I am a creature of habit and cook the same thing every morning.
Maltomeal, toast, and one cup of milk. I can be at 85 fasting, take a bolus
of 7.5 at 5:15 AM. Eat at 6:00 AM and at 8 I will be 225 and by 11 it will
be back to 125. If I increase the bolus I crash before lunch and if I
decrease the carbs I crash before lunch. I haven't figured that one out yet
but I feel so good I really don't worry about it too much. Usually 200 is
the highest unless I miscalculate the carbs at supper and start out high
fasting. Then. . . . I break out the Humalog!! That is when I have a "fix".

Got to go,

Buddy '-)