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Re: [IP] Insurance Frustrations

Michael wrote:
> ------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
> From: Kimberly <"email @ redacted"@postoffice.att.net>

 I explained that she needed to
> take less of the humalog and more of the ultralente and helped her
> adjust her insulin rates.  I don't think that a doctor should be
> handing out a product that he does not fully understand, and I think
> that my sister should have received a full explanation of the effect
> that this new insulin would have.  I guess I'll have to pay for my
> own insulin as well now.  I don't mind having to take care of myself
> as I seem to know a lot more about my condition than the doctors do,
> but a competent physician to talk to would sure make me feel better.
> I guess I'll have to buy ALL of my medical needs, even the insulin,
> as my insurance won't cover a dime.  My sister would like to try a
> pump, but given my experience she's very hesitant.  Isn't this breech
> of contract???  Is there anything that I can do??  I'm forced to stay
> under my fathers insurance until I can get a new job, wait the 90
> typical days, and go through the 6 month pre-exsisting clause on most
> insurances.  I think that since my father is paying premiums to keep
> me on his insurance the insurance should at least make an effort to
> take care of my medical needs.

OK, an idea came to mind as I was reading about Kimberly's problems.
This may not work at all, but is at least worth thinking about.

Write a letter to the doctor(s) involved in all of this. Go in for an 
appointment, put the letter in front of them, ask them to read and 
sign it.

The letter needs to be carefully worded, but will basically say that the
doctor has ignored the reality of your diabetes and refused to support
you having any chance for a healthy life because he will not treat YOUR
condition, or support slightly more expensive medicines that make it 
controllable, as your recent experience proves.

Since Kaiser sells their services based on maintaining health of their 
clients they are practicing FRAUD, not medicine. 

Since the doctor will in no way agree to sign this tell him that it will
go to the Washington Post and your local newspapers and TV or radio 
stations with a clear statement that this actually happened to you,
regardless of whether he signs it or not. Tell him you hope it cuts
their membership by 40% (or whatever), and will do all you can to 
ensure that it does.

Probably be water off a duck's back, but it worked for my Dad
once to get a Federal bureaucrat to do his job, got Dad a commendation
from the Navy and the highest security clearance available.......

Ted Quick
email @ redacted