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[IP] Saw my new endo, changed my rates, I feel stoned.

Hi, all

As you may recall, I was in search of a pump friendly endo after it turned
out that the last new one was more into MDI.  I did ask my Minimed rep and
he gave me some names - thanks to all who suggested that.  Sometimes I
think my brain does not function well with diabetes related stuff!

So I saw this guy yesterday and I like him.  He sees himself as a coach,
which I think is cool.  He also found no complications, which after 18
years of pretty much un-monitored diabetes makes me pretty happy.  Being on
the pump for the last 13 years has helped a lot, I figure.

He has totally changed my insulin.  I was on 4 schedules (1.5 - 2.2u) and
had very low boluses, the most being 4 u.  Now I am on .8 u with boluses
ranging from 4 to 16 units.  This is quite a departure for me and I am sort
of freaked out, although I do understand and agree with the underlying
logic, that being that I am probably over-insulinized, which is why 1200
calories a day and regular exercise has led to zero weight loss (I could
lose 40 lbs, which I put on 16 years ago and have never been able to lose).
I am supposed to call him every morning, so I do feel like I have a pretty
good safety net, along with the ever so frequent testing.

He suggested I try Humalog but I am wary and he is okay with that.  He said
he was part of a research study that was published on Humalog and he thinks
it is a good idea.

Since I changed over, yesterday afternoon, I feel *very* weird.  Deep
fatigue, sort of a low blood sugar buzz, but at 100 - 200 mg/dl and sort of
like being wrapped in cotton and the world filters through it.  I guess
this will go away.  Does anyone know if this is a body adjustment?  I have
been on the other schedule for all of the past 13 years, so maybe it is.
It almost feels like a morphine hangover (legitimately acquired!  :')  It
is very disconcerting and it is sort of worrying me.  It is bad enough that
I don't really trust myself to change a set right now and I *never* need
help with that.

Enough rambling.

Janine, albeit in an altered state.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted