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Re: [IP] I'm abandoning Humalog

Mary Jean:
        Familiar tune here also...Melissa has now done 3 "test runs" on
Humalog  & is once again back on Velosulin...smoother "ride", less
"unpredictability", fewer delayed highs (because she forgot to "square wave
bolus"), almost no lows....
        Still uses the Humalog cartridge in her Novopen  ocasionally to bring
herself back into range prior to bolusing for a meal is she's high due to
misjudging breakfast carbs for example....
         Her endo said his pump patient population seems to be running 50/50
regarding those on Humalog vs. those remaining on Velosulin...so once again,
whatever works for YOU!!!!....
         Guess the Pump Learning Curve goes on forever!!!!.......
Renee (Melissa's mom )