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Re: [IP] meter/software

I'm curious to know if any how those of you who use compter software to examine your BG test records manage the logistics.  I have long demanding days and no computer access at the schools were I work.  I have a record keeping check size booklet that I made.  I'd love to not have to stop and write down BGs -- since my meter does record them -- but I find that several days later it becomes hard to reconstruct all the other details of the day the meter doesn't record -- i.e. food, exercise etc.  I also end up entering them again -- too time consuming during high work periods.  How do you manage the logistics of getting the information other than BGs recorded for the software to examine?


Barry Bruce wrote:

i'm going to need a new meter and would like to get one i can download
info/readings straight into my pc.i could use any advice on meters and
software. any sug. on any of the nutrition/menu planning software. i'm a
single father on definently no cook. thanks
email @ redacted