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Re: [IP] I'm abandoning Humalog

In a message dated 98-02-03 14:53:10 EST, you write:

> Try a mix for a week or two.
>  Sorry to proselitize, but I really believe this can be very beneficial.


Somehow, I knew you would say that :-)

I am still trying to get my doc to consider mixing.  And to his credit, he is
investigating it.  However, since I've had such severe problems, I want to go
back to straight Velosulin for a while.  I'm not giving up the idea of mixing,
but just need to get this straightened out.  After I am running smooth again,
I very may well try the cocktail, because you have made it sound so great.

And no, my doc is not diabetic... I wish he was! 

Mary Jean