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Re: [IP] I'm abandoning Humalog

Mary Jean,
When I was in the glucose sensor study there was a lag time between when 
the sensor sensed low sugar and when the meter registered low...I am
super sensitive to low sugars so I test when my body feels it and am
frustrated because the meter shows I am normal...when I was in the study
they supplied test strips and had us test every 10 to 15 minutes if a low
alarm sounded...it was amazing how abruptly the BG could ride the
rollercoaster...with only testing a few times of the day we really don't
get the full picture...I go to the Orange County Pump group tonite to
hear an update on the sensor...cross yer fingers...Oh, I guess I am the
Insulin Pumpers test subject for a mixture of Humalog and Regular...don't
know how accurate a test subject I will be since I am still battling an
ear infection and that should make the sugars interesting...since yer
fingers are already crossed, cross yer toes ;-)  Michelle

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