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Kudos to the maintainers of the list - thanks Michael.  It is very helpful.

I have not always lived where healthcare is as easily accessible as it is in Sioux Falls (not exactly a metropolis at 115,000, but it is a regional medical center), but I have always been able to find a doc and or a CDE who was willing to answer questions over the phone.  The telephone isn't my preferred way, but it does work.  We have probably all encountered frustrating individuals in medicine, but if you haven't found a person that you can work well with - keep looking.  There are wonderful, knowledgeable, and personable people who can make life better.  Although I joke about both my endo and my internist, they are great to work with.  It is important to me that they do work WITH me -- they listen to me instead of just talking.

I'm almost sure that Montana, Texas, and Alaska - among all other places have docs who will also work with you.  Take care.