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Re: [IP] Re: Pump trainer ???

> need.  We have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they use the Merck-Medco
> Prescription Services in Florida.

Pump supplies are NOT pharmacutical items for
Blue Cross/Blue shield

They are Home Medicl Supplies (including strips) these can be purchased 
anywhere that has them and re-imbursed under a standard submission on the 
main policy (not the prescription part). There are a number of mail order 
firms that accept the insurance payment (80%) as payment in full and this 
is a DEAL when you have BS coverage. Be careful with the mail order firms 
and make sure the correctly cross-bill the BS provider in the state where 
they are located. The BS provider in your state won't necessarily accept 
the billing directly to them. (Mine won't but allows BS of Virginia to 
take care of it. - I'm in Calif.)